FBA Brand Central Membership

This is the monthly membership for New and intermediate Amazon sellers who have realised that the future lies in building a unique brand that appeals to a particular niche of potential customers.

This course is excellent for beginners and intermediate sellers but you will get more from your membership if you have at least identified the kind of product you want to sell. If you still need help with product selection then BEFORE YOU JOIN make sure you have downloaded and studied the Amazon Product Chooser.

Once you know the kind of thing you want to sell and have made sure you consider all the key attributes of why people should buy that product from you, you are all set to jump on board and make sure you take all the critical steps that so many new sellers miss, costing themselves $$$$ in the process.

Brand Central members get a fast-track, no nonsense clinical training course with everything to take a good product and make it a best-seller – on Amazon and BEYOND!


FBA Brand Central Membership

$79.00 per month